Who will deliver TV in the future?

Copenhagen FutureTV webinar

In collaboration with the research firm Wilke and the Institute for Foresight

Is held on Tuesday 16 March 2021 at 14.00 to 15.30.

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The new challenges of the TV market

On this webinar, we take a closer look at the new challenges of the TV market – with even more US streaming services from the media giants and new TV and streaming strategies from the tech giants. We present the latest insights into consumer habits and knowledge of new trends on the way.

Who delivers what in the future?

The television industry has endured a dramatic change in recent years, borne out by the rapid spread of streaming technology.

This has put a lot of pressure on the traditional TV distributors, who for many years have gathered our TV channels into different packages. For now, broadcasters and media giants can easily distribute their content directly to customers.

What are customers ready for?

Customers are increasingly oriented towards streaming solutions. They subscribe to local streaming services such as TV 2 Play and Viaplay, but especially against the pervasive US streaming giants.

On the horizon lurking big tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon, each working hard to become the TV and streaming distributors of the future. At the same time, the new flat screens, which the Danes buy on a large scale, are equipped with apps and features that make them TV and streaming one-stop shops in their own right.

We give an insight into the near future

  • How far have the tech giants come with their distribution strategy and what products are they going with?
  • Who will be the preferred providers of TV and streaming in the near future?
  • How is the Danish TV market affected by the development, and what do we know at this time about danish consumers' behaviour and preferences?
  • And what would the consumer prefer further into the future – to shop with someone, or shop freely?

We try to give some answers to this in this webinar, where you can meet Commercial Director Mette Stensbek Christensen from Wilke and associate partner Sofie Hvitved, the Institute for Future Research and Claus Bülow Christensen from Copenhagen Future TV.

Practical information:

Enrolled receive by mail the day before holding a personal login to the webinar, which is held on Zoom.

The program at a glance

2 p.m. Tech giants' ambitions with TV and streaming / Claus Bülow Christensen

2.30pm What do TV consumers say? New figures on behaviour and consumption patterns / Mette Stensbek Christensen, Wilke

15.00 How will consumers change habits in the long term? / Sofie Hvitved, Institute for Foresight

15.30 Rounding