Conversation with Hans van Rijn

Senior Vice President and Country Manager, Nordics and Baltics at The Walt Disney Company

Claus Bülow Christensen in conversation with Hans van Rijn on the occasion of the launch of Disney+ Star on 23 February 2021.

Topics for the conversation are what Star means for Disney+, where the content comes from and who it addresses, why the North is special to Disney+, about the "streaming war" and pricing, the battle for customers and the overwhelming variety, about the importance of having its own platform with original content as opposed to the fragile role of only being a distributor of other people's content.

And we're talking about the interface of streaming services, about Disney's disney+ movies during the corona crisis, and about customers' relationship to high sound and image quality — and a little about what to expect in the future.
The interview is recorded via Zoom.

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The conversation can also be heard via Soundcloud.

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