Disney in Denmark

Disney in Denmark

Copenhagen FutureTV online seminar

In collaboration with the analysis firm Wilke
Held on Tuesday 15 December 2020. Contact us if you are interested in the webinar.

Disney in Denmark – significance for culture and market

In this online seminar, we take a closer look at Disney and the streaming market in Denmark after the launch of the streaming service Disney+.

The streaming war is escalating

We get fresh figures from Wilke about how Disney+ has fared in Denmark after the launch, and we put it in perspective to the great American streaming war, where the media giants are all now following in the footsteps of Netflix and launching new centralized, global distribution. It has a major impact on both the TV market, the streaming market and the cinema industry.

What do customers say?

What does the development mean for the Danish TV market? What has Disney+ already meant for streaming customers in Denmark? Have they opted out of other services, what type of subscriptions have they chosen and how have they experienced Disney+? These questions, and much more, will be answered in the webinar.

Disney as a cultural factor in Denmark

We also look at Disney as a cultural factor in Denmark over time. Disney has been in Denmark for many decades, and most of us have grown up with a great love for the Disney universe, which has always spoken Danish to us.

So what does American Disney really mean for Danish culture? This is what writer and film editor at Dagbladet Information, Christian Monggaard, suggests.

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